Fountains Of Youth


Fountains Of Youth

Stephen Ausherman


 Welcome to the Dixie Court Motel. Set in Stillwater County, the redneckest county in America and filled with characters as colorful as its bottletrees, this serial comic novel brings together a 20 year old orphan, 3 Hindu sisters, a curmudgeonly journalist, a blind seer, a crazed Amerindian wrestler who just may be the orphan's father, and the everrising waters that churn the bones of the dead despite the talismanic bottletrees.


ISBN: 1-931982-55-4 Library Binding: $26.00     Sale $13.00

ISBN: 1-931982-56-2 Trade Paper: $15.95         Sale $8.00

230 pages

About the Author: 

Stephen Ausherman is the author of two award-winning books: Restless Tribes, travel stories, and Typical Pigs, a novel. He was the 2005 Writer-in-Residence for Buffalo National River in Arkansas, Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming, and Bernheim Forest in Kentucky. Born in China and raised in North Carolina, he now lives in New Mexico.




 Excerpt from the Book:  

     Scores of knowledgeable and faithful readers regard Lester Current as the South’s paramount journalist, which is a modest way of saying he’s the best in the world. Ever.
Even editors in rival periodicals can’t help but laud his brilliance. From the Pamlico Picayune to the Fairhope Enterprise, the worst anyone’s ever had to say about him is a gripe on the fact that he was born into privilege, like he could help that. True, he is a native of Dunes County, and Dunes County is where you find the ocean-view property, and with that you get all the amenities: Roller coasters and wacky golf and fishing piers, and boulevards and strips instead of roads and routes. And with these amenities come privileges, if not outright then certainly by default in the sense that a poor man on the beach is always better off than a rich man in a swamp.
   Not that the swamp is all bad. But: “If you can’t be happy on the beaches of Dunes County, there’s no hope for you anywhere in the world.” I can vouch for that much because that’s a direct quote from the ad that the Dunes County Chamber of Commerce ran in American Ethic, the magazine Lester Current writes for. And Lester Current, let me tell you, has been around the world and then some.
   And now he’s coming here.
   Lester Current. Coming to Stillwater County.
   Lester Current is coming to Stillwater County.
   I can scarcely wrap my mind around the thought of it.
   Stillwater County. Here. Lester Current is coming here.