Livingston Press was founded in 1983 by Charles Henley as a means to publish regional authors. Under Joe Musso in 1988, the press expanded, to publish books by regional authors. Again, in 1993, the press expanded its focus to publish "Offbeat & Southern Literature," as well as regional history. We now have authors from Seattle, New York City, Boulder, and Tampa. The press publishes eight titles a year, and is distributed nationally. When sending fiction, please send the first three chapters of a novel, or the first three stories of a collection. Our reading period is in June ONLY. You may send by Word attachment or copies by post.

        We take our "offbeat & Southern" to mean and/or, by the way. About a third of our authors write Southern stories. By "offbeat," we mean stylistically, mostly--either in the form or the author's language. You may request a catalog by e-mail and receive a fifty-percent discount on any books you order within one month. Shipping will be three dollars, regardless of the number of books you order.

This is good for single titles, not quantity. We are especially interested in novels and story collections that intertwine in one way or another.

Contact the Livingston Press at or write us at:

University of West Alabama

Station 22

Livingston, Alabama 35470

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