Vincent Van Gogh

Ralph Hammond


This unique book intertwines poetry and biographies—the main biography, of course, being that of Vincent Van Gogh. But as we follow Van Gogh from his childhood, to his time as a preacher to coal miners. To his ecstatic periods of creation and final madness, we discern another parallel life: that of the author. And this life, too, looms largely as we follow Ralph Hammond first as a young World War II correspondent in the European theater pondering the rubble of a blasted house where Van Gogh’s life and painting throughout contemporary Europe. The union of the two lives, the reader will surely discover, offers quite a poignant journey.

ISBN 0-942979-46-X, paper, $10.00 Sale $5.00

ISBN 0-942979-45-1, cloth, $20.00 Sale $10.00


About the Author: 

Ralph Hammond served during World War II as a correspondent, following D-Day through Europe. He is past president The Alabama State Poetry Society, The Alabama Writers’ Conclave, and more recently The National Federation of State Poetry Societies. He attended the University of Alabama before becoming state press secretary.