The Love Box

John Oliver Hodges

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 Pages 276

 About the Author: 

John Oliver Hodges was born in Florida. His first published story was about a guy who steals a baby in a jar of formaldehyde from a college biology lab. His girlfriend starts talking to the baby, and treats it like a real baby, so the guy tries putting a stop to the craziness. In the tussle that follows the jar drops and breaks and the baby sloshes across the floor in the glass and liquid. Since then his fictions have appeared in many online and print journals. He currently lives in New York City.




            Caramel says my lips make them want me.  It’s why Germs track me.  Why Gum is the kid.  Why we are candy.  Canes.  From Room 30 at the Land Shark.  Those Germans—a man with his pregnant wife who smoked nonstop—had Room 30 decorated all Christmasy: twinkling lights across the ceiling, fake frost on the window glass, and festoons of plastic grass hanging.  They had a plug-in Santa Claus who waved his arm as we took off our clothes.  When we were naked, sitting side by side on the mattress that didn’t have any sheets, the pregnant Germ handed us peppermint canes.  She said, “Eat.”  We started sucking the canes, but the German said, “No!  Eat,” so we crunched.



Winner! Tartt First Fiction Award!

The Love Box is a camera, a fight, an oven, a heart. These 22 stories document the torments of young men and women haunted by unreasonable attachments to other human beings.