Margins of Tolerance

Eric Sasson

     The characters in “Margins of Tolerance” are journeying. On vacation, in transit, or in flux, they seek to discover their place, within and outside of their relationships, while learning to navigate their way through a minefield of challenges both external and internal. These gripping tales, some riotously funny, others heart-wrenching, give us a broad picture of the state of gay identity in the cultural kaleidoscope of the 21st century.


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ISBN: 978-1-60489-094-5 Trade Paper, $19.95              Sale $10



218 pages

About the Author:  Eric Sasson received his M.A. in Creative Writing from New York University. In the past few years he's received scholarships from and attended the Aspen, Sewanee, Key West, Squaw Valley and Southampton writers’ conferences, as well as the Summer Literary Seminar in St. Petersburg, Russia, for which he was a competition finalist. His story “Floating” was named a finalist for the Robert Olen Butler prize. Other stories have appeared in The Nashville Review, BLOOM , The Puritan, Liquid Imagination, Alligator Juniper, Trans, The Ledge, MARY magazine and The 2nd Hand. He's honored to have been awarded a 2010 residency fellowship to the Anderson Center in Minnesota, where he completed an edit of his first novel, “Admissions.” He lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.
 Excerpt From the Book:

       Inside the hallowed gates of the Monasterio de Santa Catalina, suspended between the fortressed walls made of dyed volcanic sillar, carved in infallible black lettering above the primary archway, is one word:
       Silence is sacred. Silence is respect. This I have been taught. This is expected of me.

Spitting distance to the Catedral, the humble Hosteria where I work. Right off the Plaza de Armas on Calle Jerusalen, fourteen tasteful rooms, with ceiling fans and mini-bars and 24-hour hot water. Satellite television—my favorite amenity, my steadfast companion at the front desk. I sit and gulp down American TV shows. Maury Povich, Blind Date, Jessica Simpson and her cross-eyed husband. Later, at night, the magnificent Sex and the City: Carrie and her spicy friends conquer New York and order men from a menu. Here we have room service from 6am to 10pm, where we offer local specialties along with continental fare. So: Rocolo Relleno. Ocopa Arequipeña. But also: Goat cheese salad. Mississippi Mud Pie.

9:17a.m., I am rearranging the tourist brochures when the phone calls begin.