Mark "Tiger" Edmonds

"A tale of just passin' through"

    Take a BMW motorcycle, one million miles, and Mark Edmonds. Combine and distill them for over thirty-five years and youíll get an insightful, compassionate (and passionate) view of America and what it means to all of us who are, after all, "only passing through." From a slum in Detroit to a backwoods church in Alabama, youíll breathe the air of what it means to be American-the lovely and the not so lovely. Mr. Edmondsí assessment of America and the changes itís undergone is as unswerving as this assessment of himself. He is, after all, riding his own pilgrimage-just passiní through.

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176 pages

 About the Author: 

I was born into a Golden Age in America; I celebrated my 65th birthday a month or so ago. These were the best times this country has ever known for a lot of reasons. I grew up in an era when America had the finest education system the world has ever known.

So, I ride old German iron. When Iím not doing that, I am often afield with a dog and a gun or standing in an incoming tide with my good fishing pole or riding my horse. I prefer pale horses and all my good dogs have been black. I like my women laughing, my occasional drink of whiskey is taken neat, and I drink my coffee black. I canít abide a soap opera or a psychodrama. I am better off outdoors, unless itís cold, and then Iím better off farther south and outdoors.


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