Nicholas Bourbaki


If is a novel of ideas. You, the reader, are the nameless protagonist, a young dreamer from northern California. At the end of each chapter, you must make a pivotal decision. These choices shape your identity as the plot and literary form of the novel swerve toward twenty-two possible endings. From the margins of contemporary life to a romance in Paris and an opulent party in a Manhattan high-rise, your life is the unexpected result of the choices you made. If explores questions of identity and freedom. What shapes a human soul? How much of life is within our control? Is it possible to have too much freedom? 

ISBN: 978-1-60489-134-8 Hard cover $33.00                Sale $16.50 

ISBN: 978-1-60489-135-5  Trade paper $19.95             Sale $10  

340 Pages

  About the Author: 

Nicholas Bourbaki is a pseudonym. The author might live in Seattle.

 Excerpt From the Book:

Only me and a girl who is too thin are still there, on the beach, lying together in a sleeping bag beneath the cliff. You yawn and rub your eyes. There are sandgrains in your hair and you try to run your fingers through the knots and shake them out.
Then you see a stray can of beer unopened in the driftwood. You go to it and pull back the twist ring and drink it quickly. After a while you walk to the edge of the tide and let it roll toward your sneakers. Even though your head hurts and your body iscold, you are not alone.