Every Man Must Build a Home

L. A. Heberlein


   Follow a lover who has an uncanny way with women, although his every affair burns out, to be followed by another.  Follow a musical group named Fire, which threatens to dwindle the entire universe's supply of energy with each successive performance.  Follow the trail of a professional arsonist, paid by unions to burn down homes built by scab labor.  follow all this in a novel ostensibly written about the 1970's, yet delivering a disturbing resemblance to the paranoia and confusion permeating our current millennium. 

Consisting of part science-fiction, part meta-fiction, part love story, and part essay, this novel threads out the puzzle of just what it takes to come to terms with the world, to build a home.  It does so with the same mix of humor and biting satire that made L. A. Heberlein's storynovel Sixteen Reasons Why I Killed Richard M. Nixon so entertaining.

ISBN 0-942979-92-3, trade paper, $14.00        Sale $7.00

ISBN 0-942979-91-5, library binding, $25.00    Sale $12.50

About the Author: 

L.A. Heberlein is from Seattle, Washington, where he works in computers.  He previously taught English in Seattle community colleges.  This is his second novel.




 Excerpt from the Book:

    Iíd been three days on a bad road.  Rained on three times, sandblasted twice, dumped my bike one time, bad, asphalt to gravel to barbed wire.  But the man didnít have to look at me that way.  Nor did he have to set the beer down that way when he brought it.
    I did have to drink it the way I drank it.  It was wet.  The second was cold.  Third one tasted like beer.  The sun was from straight overhead as I walked back out into it.  I stood on the step and stretched my back.
    If there were heat on me I would have already been stopped.  Then there was no heat.  Well, I always did say she had an even temper.  The sky was hot, clear blue.  I decided I was far enough from anywhere I didnít want to be.  I had half a thousand dollars, a jacket pocket full of ground salamander eyes, plenty of matches, and all the time in the world.