Don Quickshot


Don Quickshot

William Van Wert


What’s the difference between a comic novel and a comic poem? Instead of a laugh a page, there’s a laugh a line. In this macaronic, punning novel you’ll follow the adventures of a Mafia don-Don Quickshot, right?-as he heads down to South America for some good ol’ revenge. Comes complete with a gay sidekick.

ISBN 0-942979-32-X, quality paper, $9.95        Sale $5.00

ISBN 0-942979-31-1, hardbound, $19.95          Sale $10.00

 Excerpt From the Book:

The Don wore rings on every finger,
the better to check the stars, 

or he wore none at all. It didn’t matter.
He called them brass knuckles.

The way Little Red Riding Hood
came from vampires, he came from clouds.

We’re off to slay a man named Sid,
he told his torpedo Pedro Torres,

whose real name was Lanza or Pinzo
or Panza. It didn’t matter.

He was a dimwit slovenly gullible squire.
I know the Sid of whom you speak.

He lives in another time zone.
We’ll never catch him.