Desade II

Rex Burwell



     Jim Smythe works for what he calls “The Peach Factory,” a non-profit arts organization whose job is to cull the rich and garner gifts and grants. Jim’s also a ladies’ man—but don’t blame him, oh no—for he suffers from priapism, that is, an eternal erection. Bring in Molly, whose legs go all the way up, as does her up-to-date American Buddhism. Besmitten and besotted, Jim reforms. Suddenly though, Molly disappears and Jim is brought before a grand jury to defend himself against embezzlement and perhaps murder. A highly comic novel featuring a brown recluse spider, a teenage detective, several con artist “artists,” and an eccentric, affluent grey-hair and her lawyer, both of whom are looking to mate with the perfect father.

344 pages


ISBN:  978-1-931982-87-0 Library Binding  $27.00     Sale $13.50

ISBN:  978-1-931982-88-7 Trade Paper      $16.95     Sale $8.50

About the Author: 

A former gandy dancer, farmhand, postal clerk and cab driver, Rex Burwell has taught literature and technical writing at the college level for many years. A book of his poetry, ANTI-HISTORY, was published by Smoke Root Press at the University of Montana. His poems have appeared in several anthologies, including Where We Are Now — An Anthology of Montana Poets, The Best of Cimarron Review, and In Miss Virginia’s Basement.  

 Excerpt from the Book:


I’m a latter-day deSade sans the sadism, a man who means to offend less than he means to play — a Sweet Marquis, that’s all, or I used to be.

I’m one who’s often had things go his way despite his small apparent merit. Beautiful pottery spoils its common clay. I fell into music and art when I was young, and the nine muses, at least, made me as I am today, age 51 — gay, beautiful, innocently cruel, single, a heterosexual. I manage a Peach Factory.

My father, a Presbyterian missionary and minister, died when I was fifteen, but my widowed mother liveth yet, 77, never remarrying, a retired ladybird high school English teacher, a bibliophile and book trader, a good gardener with a good heart, a good mother, a good human being. She’s beside the point of this story.