Care Giver

Richard Blanchard



         Care Giver leads us through a kaleidoscope of events as a failing old man pens unmailed letters to his lost love from a nursing home bed. A caring paperboy aids the man for a passage to his promised land, and becomes the unexpected inheritor of the manís hallowed highlands.  As the boy seeks to build his own life on those gifted lands, he too is haunted by visions of a lost soul, and finally makes ready for his own deliverance in the high peaks.

         This strange story unfolds as we consider the manís letters, the boyís writings, and the photos and clippings all found among the boyís belongings.  If youíve ever been troubled by someoneís incurable suffering, then read Care Giver.  It is at once a testament to forbidden mercies and to the power of enduring faith.  For me, it rings of the utter truth.

ISBN: 978-1-60489-113-3 Trade paper $16.95       Sale $7.00

ISBN: 978-1-60489-112-6 Library binding $27        Sale $11.00

 164 pages

 About the Author: 

Richard Blanchard is the author of The High Traverse, and his short stories have appeared in The Quarterly.  He was born in New Jersey and now divides his time between Idaho and the Northeast. This is his second novel.

 Excerpt from the Book:

My name is John.

     One of my jobs was to deliver newspapers and magazines to the old folks after school. I was doing my rounds at the Spring Lake Home on the day they were cleaning out his room for the next patient, and thatís when they gave me his album and his notebook with the letters he never mailed.

     Iíve made notes about what happened every day as best as I can remember. Please read what he wrote to her and what Iíve added to his notebook. Iíve tried hard to put everything in the right order.

     Now I need to get the cottage ready before she comes back home.