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Philip Ciofari


On a hot August night, five teenage friends challenge each other to swim the East River from the Bronx to Queens. In the attempt, one boy drowns and the body of the only girl among them is never found. The three survivors take a vow never again to speak about the incident. When they reunite five years later, they find themselves at the mercy of the drowned boy’s brother, an NYPD detective, who holds them responsible for his brother’s death and vows to bring them to justice by any means possible. Now, Danny, one of the three survivors, must fight not only to preserve his childhood friendships but to save himself and his friends from the detective’s brand of vigilante justice.



Alex Ramsey lost his son two years before; then his wife took to gin, and he lost his job with the Bronx police force. Now he's working as a security guard for a burgeoning high-rise apartment complex, figuring the worst he'll encounter will be marital disputes, drunks, and an occasional teenage ruffian. But then the body of a boy just the age of his son would have been is found beaten, raped and hung by the river flowing through the grounds.