Pickett's Charge

Charles McNair


     A comedy, a tragedy. Threadgill Pickett, veteran of the Civil War, breaks out from an Alabama old folks home and starts a quest northward to kill the last living Union Soldier. This is to avenge his brother, who was needlessly killed by Union soldiers, outside of any conflict. On his journey Threadgill encounters two brothers building a time machine, a trio of Klu Kluxers, a man collecting raccoons that turn out to be rabid, a wannabe country singer, and a truck-driving woman to make men stand in awe. He also encounters a Utopian society of blacks and whites who share family, food, love, and grief. 


ISBN: 978-1-60489-121-8, Trade paper, $18.95            Sale $9.50

ISBN: 978-1-60489-120-1,  Library binding, $30             Sale $15.00


350 pages

  About the Author: 

          Charles McNair, a native of Alabama, brought out his first novel, Land O Goshen, to critical

acclaim and a Pulitzer Prize nomination in 1994. He currently lives in Atlanta and makes a

living as a freelance writer and communication consultant to major corporations. He has

served as Books Editor at Paste magazine since 2005, and he routinely publishes essays,

reviews, and articles in national and international publications. He reviews regularly on

Atlanta radio station WMLB 1690 AM, and he conducts How to Tell a Better Story workshops nationally for corporations, businesses, and universities. His third novel, The Epicureans, is in the works.

 Excerpt From the Book: