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Thanks to all of you who sent something along. If you don’t hear back by mid-October, please send me a nudge. We can take only six or so manuscripts, and several of those will be slotted for publication in fall of 2017. I always encourage multiple submissions. Just let me know if your work is accepted elsewhere. 


Our standing policy is to read over-the-transom, open submission, year round. Send the entire work, along with a brief bio and synopsis, by Word attachment, email. The Tartts Story Collection Contest closes on December of each year. See Tartts  Fiction Award on this website.



When we are reading over the transom, we accept only fiction—giving great preference to novels, since we prefer to publish story collections through our Tartt First Fiction Contest. Our emphasis is on offbeat literature. In a sense, all literature is offbeat—as opposed to mainstream—but we particularly look for unique style or form. We do also publish Southern literature, but this is NOT our main intent. Roughly only one-quarter of our authors live in the South. In June, you may send about 30 pages of work to us, along with an SASE. Be aware that we pay only in contributor's copies (10% of 1500) for the first 1500 books. Thereafter, we offer a royalty contract. Our royalty is figured on net. We highly recommend multiple submissions of your work. Simply let us know if it is accepted elsewhere. 


        With any fiction submission, you may order any books from our list at half-price.  Simply enclose a check with your submission.


        Of our past dozen books, many have been reviewed in national newspapers or magazines, and several have been reviewed in either Publishers Weekly, New York Times Book Review, Booklist, Library Journal, or Kirkus Reviews. A few have been reviewed in two or more of these.


    We do not publish genre work, unless it "rises above" said genre. We do not publish children's stories. Lastly, we no longer publish non-fiction.




 Joe Taylor, Director of Livingston Press


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