Terence Gallagher



When James Ward, a high-school freshman living in Queens, meets Cornelia Parsons he gains entry into a very old, very secretive, and to him very attractive world. Cornelia and her enigmatic guardian Miss Widdershins belong to a confederation of travelers, perpetual exiles who left Ireland and Scotland centuries ago and who now recognize no law but their own. They are facing a crisis brought on by a malignant deserter. And now Cornelia expects her new friend James to take a hand.


ISBN: 978-160489-190-4 Hard cover $24.95  Sale Price $14.95

ISBN: 978-160489-191-1 Trade paper $15.95 Sale Price $9.99

 206 Pages

About the Author: 

Terence Gallagher lives in Queens, New York, where he grew up and to which he keeps returning. He studied classics, with a side of bagpiping, in Massachusetts and medieval history in Toronto and spent a dozen years or so as an academic librarian, mostly in southwest Florida.  He has published short stories and poetry in small journals in the US and UK. This is a first novel.






 Excerpt From the Book:


She walked with authority and the others arranged themselves around her. Even at this distance, and from behind, I could she was something splendid. Walking next to her, taller even in flat shoes, stooping a little as if she was listening to the other talk, was my girl with the fuzzy hair. I recognized her at once. There were two men walking behind them, and I couldnít quite figure them out. They were obviously with the others, but walked behind at a respectful distance. They had very short hair, and wore dark coats that appeared at this distance to be identical. They were both smoking. They seemed to be in casual conversation, but never stopped scanning the road on both sides.