Terence Gallagher



When James Ward, a high-school freshman living in Queens, meets Cornelia Parsons he gains entry into a very old, very secretive, and to him very attractive world. Cornelia and her enigmatic guardian Miss Widdershins belong to a confederation of travelers, perpetual exiles who left Ireland and Scotland centuries ago and who now recognize no law but their own. They are facing a crisis brought on by a malignant deserter. And now Cornelia expects her new friend James to take a hand.


ISBN: 978-160489-190-4 Hard cover $24.95  Sale Price $14.95

ISBN: 978-160489-191-1 Trade paper $15.95 Sale Price $9.99

 206 Pages

About the Author: 

Terence Gallagher lives in Queens, New York, where he grew up and to which he keeps returning. He studied classics, with a side of bagpiping, in Massachusetts and medieval history in Toronto and spent a dozen years or so as an academic librarian, mostly in southwest Florida.  He has published short stories and poetry in small journals in the US and UK. This is a first novel.