Two novels for only $10!

Matt Cashion

 Leo Gray works in a North Carolina toll booth, where he happily reads the world’s great The World’s Great Thinkers—Rousseau’s Contract, Hegel’s History, Marx’s Manifesto; Schopenhauer, Heidegger, Nietzsche—the Transcendentalists, the French poets, the Modernists, and the Beats. Everything is dandy. . . . But then his social worker girlfriend convinces him to turn upwardly mobile, and Leo gets a job writing for a weekly newspaper on the coast of his home state Georgia. Sounds great, right? But his two bosses are named, ahem, Big Dick and Little Dick Taylor. And his girlfriend refuses to relocate with him, since she’s taken on another down-and-out lover, “a stroke victim in his sixties struggling to relearn the alphabet.” In hopes of transforming yet another loser? Leo wonders.

            This novel offers an unusual comic take of a man on the skids, a wildly sardonic ride that teeters on a great deal of darkness but manages to pull through in a fashion worthy of any smiling anti-hero who alternately fights himself and the surrounding ring-a-ding complacency.



Chaos will surely ensue when Judith Owen allows her first husband, a jobless jokester of a salesman, to move into her coastal Georgia backyard “condo” thirty years after she divorced him. Married six times each, they argue over what advice to give their only child, Harold, 32, who is approaching his first marriage. Then Judith’s next-door parents (married miserably for fifty years) host a Christmas party packed with a cast of eccentric characters (including seven ex-in-laws), four yard dogs, eight wild children, and Harold’s fiancée, a New York City-raised therapist and her Chihuahua . . .