Tartts 9
Edited by Joe Taylor


ISBN 978-1-60489-365-6





Stories from the following authors:


Adam Berlin “Makeit” **winner

Steve Fromm “the last boulevardier”

James Hilgartner “Gaps in the Fence”

Linda Lenhoff  “What Love Connection?”

Toni Martin “White Girl”

Suzanne C. Martinez “A Glint of Light”

Cathy Mellett “The Orange Popsicle”

Jean Trounstine “Ruth”

Richard Risemberg “Fade to Gray” 



About the Editor:

Joe Taylor had several novels published, most recently Bad Form, a comic fantasy from Sley House Publishing, which got a glowing review from Kirkus Reviews I’ve also had several story collections, most recently Ghostly Demarcations from Sagging Meniscus Press. A novella entitled Highway 28, West, also came from Sagging Meniscus in May; it received a glowing blurb from Fred Chappell. Another novella, Silent Bob, was published on July Fourth and received a rave review from Kirkus Reviews. My Ph.D. in creative writing came from Florida State. I’ve been the director of Livingston Press . . .  forever. Phone number 205-652-3470. Email, jwt@uwa.edu

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