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 "Funny and Oftentimes Inappropriate Literature"

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 Recent Titles

Off the Yoga Mat

Cheryl J. Fish

Petrochemical Nocturne
Amos Jasper Wright IV

All We Could Have Been
by Joshua Shaw

Mending What Is Broken
by Robert McKean

Near Where the Blood Pools
Ben Terry
Publication July 2024!

Cinnamon Girl
 by Trish MacEnulty
Publication September!


by Kelly Ann Jacobson
Publication Fall 2023!

The Book of Merlin
by Larry Beckett
Publication October!

A Glooming Peace This Morning
by Allen Mendenhall
Publication November 2023!

by Curt Leviant
Publication December!

Tartts 9

Edited by Joe Taylor
Publication October 1st!

The World Is Neither for nor Against You
Corey Mesler

Publication July 2024!

John Boilard

Publication July 2024!

The Best of the Shortest
edited by Suzanne Hudson

Night and Its Longings
by Philip Cioffari
Publication March 30th!

Find Your Own Way Home
by Michael George
Publication July 2024!

All Around They're Taking Down the Lights
by Adam Berlin
Publication July 2024!

Accidental Activist
Changing the World One Small Step at a Time

by Mary Allen Jolley
Publication June 2024!