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 "Funny and Oftentimes Inappropriate Literature"

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Forthcoming fall titles

A Postcard from the Delta, Michael Gaspeny, Novel (December)

The Most Excellent Immigrant, Mark Budman, Stories (October)

Secret Agent Gals Richard Gid Powers, Novel (February)

Off the Yoga Mat, Cheryl J. Fish, Novel  (October)

The Tree Stand, Jay Atkinson, Stories (October)


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 Recent Titles

Fugitives of the Heart
William Gay
William Gay's last posthumous novel,
with a Foreword by Sonny Brewer
 and an Afterword by J.M. White.

An Art, a Craft, A Mystery
Laura Secord

George H. Wolfe
Publication July 2022

Tartt First Fiction Award
This Ditch-Walking Love
James Braziel

Searching for Jimmy Page
Christy Alexander Hallberg

Me, Mo, Mu, Mod, and Me

Kurt Leviant

A Parcel of Rogues
James Findlay Sleigh

The High Price Of Freeways
Judy Juanita
Co-Winner Tartt First Fiction Award
Publication July 2022

Zero to Ten: Nursing on the Floor

Patricia Taylor
Publication July 2022

Yazoo Clay
Schuyler Dickson
Co-winner Tartt First Fiction Award
Publication July 2022

A Postcard from The Delta

Michael Gaspeny
Publication December 2022

The Most Excellent Immigrant

Mark Budman
Publication October 2022

Secret Agent Gals

Richard Gid Powers
Publication February 23, 2023
Off the Yoga Mat
Cheryl J. Fish
Publication October 2022

The Tree Stand

Jay Atkinson
Publication October 2022