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Taste of India

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 Doctor Monica Murphy quits her Minneapolis medical practice to work at Catholic medical mission in a decaying hill station in northern India. There, she confronts questions about the nature of faith, religious imperialism, the troubled position of Westerners in developing countries, and the growth of individual consciousness. You will find Traveling With Spirits to be an exciting, nuanced novel about trespassing, welcoming, and the ever-precarious luck of the innocent.



Dr. Veena Damle has taken her own background as a medical doctor and as a Hindu to recreate the central myths of the Hindu religion, making them and a slice of India accessible to westerners in a way that, say, Aesop made the moral tradition the Greeks accessible to the following generations of non-Greeks. In this novel, we follow a Hindu family of two physicians, their daughter, and her grandfather through a mounting crisis of infidelity and greed. The home crisis is echoed by the grandfather’s retelling of The Mahabharata, especially Arjun’s war against his own family. Damle’s prose is deceptively simple—combining the lyrical with the narrative in a way that echoes her meshing of Western and non-Western traditions. Young Manju and old Azoba are a granddaughter-grandfather team you won’t forget.






 Twelve ophthalmologists volunteer their time to remove cataracts from the indigent in Bombay.  Despite their charitable intentions, Bollywood proffers intrigue, deceptions and romance.